Agile Proposal Services

Our Agile Proposal service is ideal for organizations that do not have the bandwidth or experienced staff to create winning proposals requiring Agile or DevOps implementations.  Clearly Agile has experts in both writing federal and commercial proposals as well as a long history of success with the implementation of Agile and DevOps assessments and transformations.

This unique service includes 4 stages; Planning, Execution, Learning, and Celebrating the Win and will involve anyone in Clearly Agile who has the appropriate experience and expertise to help you win proposals.  Typical considerations and activities for each stage is listed below.

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Step 1 – Planning

  • Collaborate to identify winning theme(s) and objectives
  • Synchronize internal schedules to keep proposal process moving forward
  • Understand your organizations capabilities to support contract execution
  • Provide opinions on price-to-win for Agile / DevOps execution
  • Provide opinions on ability to win

Step 2 – Execution

  • Conduct research on latest changes to the customers approach to planning, management, and reporting
  • Conduct research on latest changes to customers engineering approach (frameworks, methodologies, practices, etc.)
  • Incorporate language and/or images to demonstrate alignment to win them(s) and objectives
  • Incorporate customers likely Non-Functional Requirements to demonstrate domain knowledge
  • Identify Clearly Agile products to incorporate as a differentiator
  • As needed, identify Clearly Agile individuals with relevant resumes to enhance win probability
  • Continually document Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for possible addressing in the proposal and/or after the win
  • Continually document risks for addressing after the win
  • Actively participate in development and review meetings
  • As needed, participate in daily checks-in / standups with our teams

Step 3 – Learning

  • Actively participate in cross-company retrospective for improvement with follow-on efforts
  • Document lessons learned

Step 4 – Celebrating

  • Celebrate!
  • Collaborate to identify / finalize Clearly Agile products and individuals to optimize your Return-on-Investment and reduce management burden

Need Additional Help?

For organizations desiring help beyond the Agile / DevOps sections, we do have teammates that are experts in all aspects of proposal qualification, writing, and managing its execution. Below list some of the typical other services our teammates provide.

Proposal Management

  • Opportunity evaluation – “go/no go” analysis of benefits vs. risk, competitive landscape, and what it will take to get to a WIN
  • Capture – form the optimal team with balanced capabilities and success criteria
  • Proposal Management – provide structure and oversight to the entire proposal process from evaluation of the solicitation to delivery of the final proposal
  • Cost Volume Lead – area of specialty to include pricing strategy, cost table templates, support for Certification of Current Cost and Pricing Data, FAR and DCAA compliance
  • Compliance Checks
    Packaging/Delivery Instructions

Business Consulting

  • How to do business with the Federal Government – FAR/DFARs, DCAA complaince
  • Preparing for your first Federal Prime or Subcontract proposal submission
  • Process optimization – benefits analysis, accounting system automation, contract execution, project reporting and deliverables, tax strategies
  • Small business successes and lessons learned

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