Announcing the 2018 Capability document for federal agencies and contractors supporting them

Today, we are happy to announce the release of Clearly Agile’s 2018 Capability Document.  We continue to provide the same services as years prior but focus more our on disruptive tools like the Lifecycle Sleuth ( to provide quicker and greater impact to agencies with large complex solutions.

Some of our services, like training, have been greatly enhanced as now we offer the Agility Learning Series; a certifiable set of training courses unlike any other on the market as they focus heavily on practicality vice theory.  As usual, we still offer you the opportunity to customize any training event to make it even more realistic.

Please check out our 2018 Capability document and contact us to help you deliver more value more quickly.

Clearly Agile is a boutique consulting firm focused on providing disruptive tools to organizations responsible for large and complex software solutions.  Unlike other Agile-Lean tools on the market, ours are centered around a single theme which is to provide quantifiable data for organizational leadership to attain insight for immediate impact.

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