Explaining Clearly Agile’s Infographic – Lifecyle Sleuth: The Solution to Achieve True DevOps(Sec)

Do you want to increase the speed in which you reach the market, all the while decreasing waste and defects, increasing savings, and heightening security? Who wouldn’t, right? Well, Clearly Agile knows just the product for you! As the most innovative find and fix business tool for Agile / DevOps practices on the market, Lifecycle Sleuth can do all the above and more. It increases your efficiency to make for happier teams.

Lifecycle Sleuth increases transparency and insights by using our patent pending Just-In-Time analysis engine to goes beyond assessment by analyzing your current build, test, delivery, and release processes and provides immediate suggestions for improvements to real-time findings of financial cost, waste, risks, and opportunities for improvement. It uses innovative technology and artificial intelligence via Microsoft Cognitive Services to create automated suggestions for improvement to add or eliminate content, as well as automate, streamline, and sequence.

Clearly Agile developed Lifecycle Sleuth in alignment with DevOps(Sec) norms, including people, processes, tools, costs, and durations. It is influenced by Agile principles and Lean thinking, inspired by eXtreme Programming (XP) values and techniques, and emphasizes continuous integration, delivery, deployment, and testing. In other words, our product uses the most innovative technology and concepts out there.

Our intent is to both get you to market faster and realize higher Return-on-Investments (ROI). Contact us today at info@ClearlyAgile.com to get Lifecycle Sleuth for your organization! You can use any device, anywhere, anytime, and we do not require long-term commitments. Take comfort in knowing that Lifecycle Sleuth is a green, zero-infrastructure system that uses a continuously updated analysis engine at no extra charge.

For more information, please visit the Infographic this article is based on or Lifecycle Sleuth’s website at https://lifecyclesleuth.com/.  

*** Clearly Agile, Inc. is a boutique consulting firm focused on providing disruptive tools to organizations responsible for large and complex software solutions. Our Agile-Lean tools are centered around the single theme to provide quantifiable data to enable organizational leadership to attain insight for immediate impact. Our finite focus differentiates us from other Agile-Lean tools on the market. For more information, please visit us at https://clearlyagile.com/, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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