Below are our  services we can provide.  Our services are tailorable so we can best align with your needs and budgets.

Our assessment framework encompasses people, processes, and tools across the enterprise so that your organization has a comprehensive view into how their doing business now as well as identifying opportunities for improvement.

So, no matter if your goal is to “be” Agile or DevOps we have a defined yet tailorable approach to understand where you are now and where you want to go to provide an actionable plan within days.

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Trust us for all your transformation needs as we have successfully “been there” and “done that” through numerous highly regulated organizations and industries such as government, defense, health, telecommunication, energy, banking, and transportation.  With nearly 70% of initial Agile transformation failing you cannot afford to go elsewhere.

We have a defined approach of how we believe Agile & DevOps transformations should be executed but we also realize the real-world situations organizations are in so we will tailor the approach that can provide immediate impact as well as long lasting value.

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Sometimes you need immediate support to help you more closely manage your Agile Program/Portfolio, helping you prioritize focus on your most urgent needs, and saving you time. This is why organizations delivering complex software solutions often have a PMO team supporting executive leadership, providing key insights and metrics on delivery status, risk, issues, finances, scope, or merely help executing your reporting needs.

Our approach emphasizes automation and tools over personnel, lessening the need for ongoing contract support over time. All of our PMO Support personnel work closely with the Chief Methodologist – Jonathan Jenkins – ensuring oversight with world-class expertise.

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Stop losing opportunities requiring Agile or DevOps simply because your company does not have the bandwidth or expertise to write these sections in proposals. Clearly Agile has the expertise and experience to craft language that will differentiate you from the competition.

Beyond being experts in Agile & DevOps, our team understands how proposals are scored and the need to align language and approach to meet those requirements. The Clearly Agile proposal team knows the importance of writing succinctly in business-speak so that readers not mature with the intent of Agile / DevOps have a clear understanding of the value your organization will deliver.

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With a Lean-Agile Portfolio Management (LAPM) approach, your organization will deliver the right things more quickly but with reduced cost and risk.  By balancing strategic goals and objectives with customer needs, and constraints (people, cost, knowledge, etc.) your organization will gain greater efficiencies and adaptability.  Clearly Agile has the experience and expertise to help reshape your portfolio approach while maintaining your current reporting requirements.

Clearly Agile will provide the necessary training, workshops, and consultation services to bring LAPM to your organization so you can start to realize results in your first 90 days.  We will collaborate with you on a roadmap that includes an initial assessment, the transformation to LAPM, and finally a transition from us so your organization is self-sustaining.

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For those in leadership roles in large organizations we offer highly tailorable executive coaching opportunities that will provide the tools, techniques, and approaches to start the Agile / DevOps transformation or to finally get the results you have been expecting. Our experienced coaches have the breadth and depth experience to provide opinion and critical feedback on any aspect of your organization.

For those who have yet “gone Agile” we offer personalized small group trainings & workshops that allows us to understand your organization peculiarities and goals while providing a core understand of the Agile-Lean mindset and how it will affect people, processes, and tools.

As for organizations that have already “gone Agile”, we offer workshops to regroup to and reassess organization and transformation goals followed by co-developing a restart of your Agile / DevOps transformation in a manner that provides the greatest immediate impact.

Bottom line, no matter where your organization is in the Agile / DevOps spectrum we are the one true partner to help accelerate your growth.  Contact Us today for a free consultation.

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