We became leaders in Agile / DevOps transformations with our efforts in numerous highly regulated organizations and industries such as government, defense, health, telecommunication, energy, banking, and transportation.  While every organization is different, we have the breadth and depth of practical experience and great partners to get you where you want to go.

We have defined approaches for an Agile transformation as well as DevOps.  However, we recognize the real-world situations large complex organizations are in and rather start with a different focus.  If this is the case, we will collaborate to set expectations and a plan to execute upon them while also making progress on the overall transformation plan.

After a quick but rigorous assessment, we collaborate with the appropriate champions and stakeholders to develop the transformation plan, execute upon it, and measure success with.  The immediate goal is to empower the champions and stakeholders to influence positive change in the culture, processes, and tools.

Throughout the journey, we will collaborate on the measures and metrics to recognize opportunities for improvement and team with you how to positively influence this change.  Our final goal is to have your organization capable to continue the transformation without us as that the true measure of an Agile organization.

Please note that the Agile and DevOps transformation roadmaps below are simply a starting point for our conversations.

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