Clearly Agile is a boutique consulting firm focused on providing disruptive tools to organizations responsible for large and complex software solutions.  Unlike other Agile-Lean tools on the market, ours are centered around a single theme which is to provide quantifiable data for organizational leadership to attain insight for immediate impact.

While we develop tools for the Agile / DevOps community we do not offer custom software engineering services.  Instead, we offer tools tailorable to your needs and services like training and short-term coaching engagements to accelerate your transformation.

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The Lifecycle Sleuth is the most innovative solution for organizations producing large complex software solutions as it will dramatically reduce the time, cost, risk to deliver them while increasing quality and satisfaction. There are no like-tools on the market so you need to take advantage of this before your competitors do.

What makes the Lifecycle Sleuth so smart is our patent-pending Waste, Opportunities, and Risk Engine (WORE).  The WORE goes beyond assessment by analyzing your current code, build, test, delivery, and release processes and provides immediate suggestions for improvements to real-time findings of financial costwasterisks, and opportunities for improvement.

For those who want to go beyond what the WORE knows, the Lifecycle Sleuth also employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) so you can learn from articles, white papers, videos, etc. related to the tools you use and the way you work. Having the ability to gain knowledge that automagically adjusts as you change is a tremendous opportunity to establish a culture of continual learning.

Influenced by Agile Principles and ValuesLean PrincipleseXtreme Programming (XP), and DevOps concepts and practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery / Deployment, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Monitoring, the WORE is the only Agile tool in the market that can quantify and qualify how you’re doing and how you can be doing.

This tool is so awesome that it can establish your organization and software solutions to be true market disruptors.   As an organizational transformation to Agile / DevOps requires years to realize and a huge investment you need the Lifecycle Sleuth to constantly provide high impact insights and lightweight resolutions.  The choice is clear; get to market faster and realize a higher Return-on-Invest (ROI) with the Lifecycle Sleuth or rely on hope to eventually be on-time/on-budget.

Product News

Walter is all about the rules—rules of governance within an organization, that is.  Walter is unique in its ability to deliver upon the many benefits all Agile-based delivery frameworks promise, but few actually provide.

Walter will enable your organization to succeed by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our patent-pending Waste, Opportunity, and Risk Engine (WORE).  This innovative technology allows you quickly and easily build a Lightweight Agile Governance Framework (LAGF)—a customizable framework that provides real-time data analytics to enable your team to create basic rules, so everyone is working on the right-thing, the right-way, at the right-time.


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Explaining Clearly Agile’s Infographic – Lifecyle Sleuth: The Solution to Achieve True DevOps(Sec)

Do you want to increase the speed in which you reach the market, all the while decreasing waste and defects, increasing savings, and heightening security? Who wouldn’t, right? Well, Clearly Agile knows just the product for you! As the most innovative find and fix business tool for Agile / DevOps practices on the market, Lifecycle...

Clearly Agile Welcomes Aboard Disha Shetty

June 18, 2019 – Clearly Agile, Inc. is pleased to announce we will be working with Disha Shetty as our new researcher, data analyst, and software engineer. In this role, she will provide analysis and research expertise, as well as assist with programming and design and development of software. Disha has previous experience working as...

Clearly Agile is a Proud Member of Agile Government Leadership Association

June 12, 2019 – Clearly Agile is proud to announce our membership in the Agile Government Leadership Association as a Private Sector Member.  This partnership demonstrates our commitment to being leaders in supporting government organizations, such as contractors and civic technology professionals.  Agile Government Leadership (AGL) Association helps government modernize through shared knowledge and community. ...

Clearly Agile Welcomes Aboard Intern

June 11, 2019 – Clearly Agile, Inc. is pleased to announce we will be working with Parth Shetty as our new intern. In this role, he will provide assistance with building .NET software. Parth previously simulated a TA payroll system for university courses utilizing class composition, polymorphism, concurrency, and inner classes concepts. He attends the...

Clearly Agile’s Assessment Approach

Clearly Agile uses an assessment framework based on observations and elicitations from across the organization to capture findings and opinions of culture, engineering practices, quality and processes.  Attaining an assessment from an outside source provides the best opportunity to identify risks, issues, and opportunities for improvement across the enterprise. Clearly Agile is your ideal source...

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