Clearly Agile is a boutique consulting firm focused on providing disruptive tools to organizations responsible for large and complex software solutions.  Unlike other Agile-Lean tools on the market, ours are centered around a single theme which is to provide quantifiable data for organizational leadership to attain insight for immediate impact.

While we develop tools for the Agile / DevOps community we do not offer custom software engineering services.  Instead, we offer tools tailorable to your needs and services like training and short-term coaching engagements to accelerate your transformation.

Start Building Software Factories

The Lifecycle Sleuth is the most innovative solution for organizations producing large complex software solutions as it will dramatically reduce the time, cost, risk to deliver them while increasing quality and satisfaction. There are no like-tools on the market so you need to take advantage of this before your competitors do.

What makes the Lifecycle Sleuth so smart is our patent-pending Waste, Opportunities, and Risk Engine (WORE).  The WORE goes beyond assessment by analyzing your current code, build, test, delivery, and release processes and provides immediate suggestions for improvements to real-time findings of financial costwasterisks, and opportunities for improvement.

For those who want to go beyond what the WORE knows, the Lifecycle Sleuth also employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) so you can learn from articles, white papers, videos, etc. related to the tools you use and the way you work. Having the ability to gain knowledge that automagically adjusts as you change is a tremendous opportunity to establish a culture of continual learning.

Influenced by Agile Principles and ValuesLean PrincipleseXtreme Programming (XP), and DevOps concepts and practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery / Deployment, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Monitoring, the WORE is the only Agile tool in the market that can quantify and qualify how you’re doing and how you can be doing.

This tool is so awesome that it can establish your organization and software solutions to be true market disruptors.   As an organizational transformation to Agile / DevOps requires years to realize and a huge investment you need the Lifecycle Sleuth to constantly provide high impact insights and lightweight resolutions.  The choice is clear; get to market faster and realize a higher Return-on-Invest (ROI) with the Lifecycle Sleuth or rely on hope to eventually be on-time/on-budget.

Establish Governance & Guidance

Walter is the solution to greatly reduce cultural and communication chaos within organizations developing large complex software solutions because he understands “it’s all about the rules”TM.  Walter allows you to easily and quickly document governance (rules) and guidance for what teams and people care so they know what’s expected from them and feel better because of it.  Bottom line, high satisfaction results in better individual performance and a more collaborative environment.

Higher Performance + Higher Collaboration


More Value, More Quickly with Reduced Waste & Risks

Walter enables your organization to succeed better by utilizing AI and  he WORE.  Together, these innovative technologies constantly evaluates what has been documented to automagically identify how the organization can get better.

If you have already employed or about to employ popular team frameworks (Scrum, eXtreme Programming (XP), Kanban, etc.)  or multi-team frameworks (Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Large Enterprise Scrum (LeSS), Nexus, etc.) then Walter is ideal to get started.  Walter has already been trained on these popular frameworks and created its default governance for you.  You simply change the pre-built governance to match how you operate now and let the AI & WORE provide feedback.

Our Typical Approaches

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Clearly Agile wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving! ***** Clearly Agile’s unique web-based solutions improve organizational function much faster and at a much lower cost than if coaches were employed. Our services are for organizations of all sizes and maturity levels, regardless of whether you are just starting to integrate Agile or Lean or have experience...

Clearly Agile Conducts Successful Trainings for Honeywell & QAI Global in Mexico

November 14, 2019 – Clearly Agile is excited to share about our successful facilitation of training and workshops for a customer of Quality Assurance Institute, Inc. Global (QAI Global) on Agile project management fundamentals. On Monday, November 11th, and Tuesday, November 12th, we provided training and workshops for Honeywell leadership in Mexico City, Mexico so...

Clearly Agile Announces Partnership with QAI Global

November 11, 2019 – Clearly Agile is pleased to announce our partnership with Quality Assurance Institute, Inc. Global (QAI Global). Clearly Agile will be providing services to QAI Global clients so they can deliver large complex solutions faster, more efficiently, and with less risk and investment. Clearly Agile is excited to expand our international presence...

Clearly Agile is a Proud Sponsor of Mary of Nazareth’s Race for Scholars

November 1, 2019 – Clearly Agile is a proud annual sponsor of Mary of Nazareth’s 2019 Race for Scholars. This year, the Race for Scholars took place on Friday, October 25th, where students ran together through Mary of Nazareth School’s campus during a fun filled afternoon. The funds raised through this important event support the...

Clearly Agile’s Agile 270: Building Your Agile Resume

October 3, 2019 – Each month, Clearly Agile hosts an event through our program called Agile 270 for the Agile Community to come together and learn more about how to engage in Agile-based efforts. This month’s workshop was called Building Your Agile Resume. These workshops are a great opportunity for attendees to network, learn more...

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